"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."
"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being."
~ Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the U.S.

Protests, Boycotts, & Legal Actions

(Some of our stories printed in the Providence Journal)

Shooting deer in neighborhood - 11/07/1999
Residents and Defenders of Animals questioned authorities as to why frightened deer were not tranquilized. Here is what the supervising wildlife biologist, Lori Supprock,said: "Bambi is a cartoon. We can't make public safety decisions based on a cartoon." She also stated: "Tranquilizing wildlife just makes people feel better…it doesn't solve any problem." This attitude is one of the reasons why Rhode Island is so behind in scientific and humane operating methods.
Posted on Jan 05, 2003 by defenders

Boy Scouts - 08/18/1999
Defenders of Animals joins the Elmwood Community Center in calling the Boy Scouts to task for teaching inner city children to shoot BB guns.

Results: The Elmwood Community Center and other non-profit groups refused to participate in recruiting elementary school children for the Boy Scout summer camp where shooting takes place.
Posted on Jan 04, 2003 by defenders

Coyote bounty protest - 03/25/1999
Defenders of Animals criticized the Foster Chief of Police for suggesting a bounty on coyotes, warning that a pet dog might be shot.

Results on 04-12-99 Chief of Police Donald E. Kettelle stated to the Providence Journal: "I decided to change my mind. If any one person's dog got shot, I'd feel so bad for the rest of my life." Five days later, police officials in Bristol shot and killed a family pet that they mistook for a coyote.
Posted on Jan 03, 2003 by defenders

Swansea dog officer protest - 01/22/1999
Swansea dog officer protest: Defenders of Animals was one of two groups protesting the lack of a proper animal shelter and inadequate animal control officers in the town of Swansea Massachusetts. A new shelter has been completed and the animal control officers in question have been replaced.
Posted on Jan 02, 2003 by defenders

Judge rules DEM can't kill deer on Block Island - 11/28/1985
After Defenders of Animals filed suit against the state, a Superior Court Judge, Judge Thomas H. Needham, prohibited the state Department of Environmental Management from killing any deer on Block Island. The shooting was to occur at night when powerful lights could be shined into the animal's eyes, immobilizing it. It was the first time DEM planned to kill deer by the method called "Jacklighting."
Posted on Jan 01, 2003 by defenders

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