Defenders rescued Rosenbloom on Christmas Eve.

Companion Animals

  • In October 1993, Defenders filed a complaint with Newport, RI, police Department against Governor Sundlun for shooting raccoons on his property. The Governor had to appear in court and pled not guilty.

  • February 2, 1997, Defenders of Animals contributed $500, in conjunction with others, $2,000 a reward for information leading to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for leaving a beagle in its cage to starve to death in North Kingstown, RI. A Westerly, RI, man was charged.

  • A $1,500 reward was offered in conjunction with a Hopkinton group and member of Defenders of Animals for the conviction in the reported case of an oil-soaked cat being burned in Ashaway, RI.

  • In its opposition to Greyhound racing, DOA urged voters in 1994 to defeat a referendum to allow casino gambling at the Lincoln Greyhound track. The referendum was defeated. Greyhound tracks throughout the United States have closed eventually if they were not allowed to offer casino gambling. Defenders of Animals members met with Warwick, RI, Mayor Donovan, who agreed to allow pet owners the option of using the injection method of euthanasia at the dog pound instead of the gas chamber, which is opposed by Defenders of Animals. Our organization supports the concept of No-kill shelters.

  • In 1978, a rescue of 28 dogs at the Warwick Animal Shelter in one day after it was learned that the animal control officer had been fired and the dogs were going to be destroyed the next day.

  • Since April of 1978, our organization has made pet adoptions a main focus of the organization. Numerous pet owners were provided services and many stray dogs and cats have been placed with responsible pet owners throughout Rhode Island.

  • A low-cost, state-wide spaying program was established in 1978. The program provides low-cost spaying certificates and financial assistance to pet owners.

  • In 1979, Defenders of Animals was awarded a contract to operate a no-kill shelter at the East Providence Animal Shelter, which resulted in over 1000 dogs and cats finding homes. No healthy pets were destroyed.

  • Our C.A.T.S. (Computerized Animal Tracking System) was developed in 1983 as a free service to local shelters and individuals. Data was matched to help pet owners to be reunited with their companion animals.

  • P.U.P. (Prevent Unwanted Pets) was a free spaying program that targeted the Oakland Beach section of Warwick. Many Oakland Beach residents were able to have their dogs and cats altered through the program.

  • The Attorney General's office agreed, at the request of Defenders of Animals, to investigate the former Cumberland dog officer's killing of two owned dogs before the 5-day waiting period. The dog officer was taken to court which resulted in his eventual resignation.

  • Members of Defenders of Animals retrieved three dogs that had been shot at the Johnston dog pound, had autopsies done, removal of bullets, photos and turned the matter over to the Attorney General's office. The dog officer in charge at the time has resigned.

  • Defenders and the Labor Department teamed up to force the town of Burrillville to use its gas chamber equipment properly.

  • Defenders worked with the East Providence city solicitor, animal control officer and the city in a legal case regarding the owner of a seeing-eye dog. The credibility of one seeing-eye foundation was damaged by the case.

  • Pit bull fighting was investigated in Johnston along with the former Johnston dog officer's role in feeding the convicted Johnston resident with kittens for training his pit bulls. Defenders of Animals testified at the Johnston town council meetings and formally requested an investigation from the Attorney General's office. Then AG, Denny Roberts, agreed to investigate the matter.

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